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Summer is here and you've got big plans! 

Whether you plan to relax on the beach or head off on a whirlwind road trip, you need a workout program that will have you looking and feeling your best for these memorable summer days.

Ok, even if you're not being whisked off to a fabulous European backpacking adventure (I'm not ... yet!), one this is for certain ... summer is busy! And you need a workout plan that fits into your schedule.

You don't want the headache of a busy gym after a long day of work, running kids around, and holding the world together like the amazing superwoman you are. And you definitely don't want that high intensity cardio DVD that has you laying in a puddle of sweat with aching knees and quads so sore you can't walk for three days.

What you do want is a workout system that gets you stronger, leaner, builds muscle in all the right places, and has you on and off your yoga mat in time for dinner with the family.

Your life is important and shouldn't be ruled by your workout program. I get it. I get you. That's why I designed Fit Thrive's 12-Week Bodyweight and Bands Program. Get the best workout a gym can offer right in your own living room.

Fit Thrive Bands and Bodyweight Program is a 12-week workout system you can perform in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment (a set of bands will do!). You have me as your coach to work right along side you in full video tutorials to show you the best methods for each exercise. You also have the opportunity to track your workout progress through our Fit Thrive App to develop that you can download on your smartphone or tablet-- or access on your computer.

The app allows you to schedule your workouts, track your progress, and send me a note if you have questions or need encouragement.
What You Will Get Out Of Fit Thrive
12-Week Bodyweight and Bands Program: 
Kellie Hart Davis, founder of Fit Thrive workouts for women
  • The best exercises to help you develop better movement patterns, core stability, glute activation, mobility, and flexibility. 
  • A carefully crafted workout program designed with enough intensity to make you sweat, but takes up little time in your day. 
  • Detailed video tutorials to teach you to move proficiently through the exercises while understanding your body better. 
  •  Access to our web and mobile platform designed by so your workouts are easy to find and track. 
  •  An invite to our knowledgeable and welcoming community where you engage with friendly people working through the same program. 
  •  Email contact with Kellie and her staff via the web app to answer any questions you have about the program. 
  •  Keep it forever. Once you purchase our programs you will be able to go back to them at your convenience.

Fit Thrive runs in 3 phases that last 4 weeks. Each phase provides 4 weekly full-body workouts that build strength and cardiovascular endurance with band and bodyweight movements, while helping to improve mobility and stability in the joints.


Each workout offers individual exercise tutorial videos to help you gain a greater understanding of the movement. Train right alongside Kellie as she walks you through the steps for each move. It's like having a coach at your fingertips. 

Fit Thrive workouts arrive to your mobile device or computer through our trackable app provided by The app allows you to schedule your workouts, track your routines, and chart your progress all from your mobile device or computer.  

 Join our thriving community of supportive women along the same journey as you. Our one of a kind Facebook group cheers you on, answers your questions, and celebrates your success as you work through the program. Get to know Kellie and the Fit Thrive community today!
Fit Thrive 
Band and Bodyweight Routines encompass everything I love about being a strong, healthy woman.
Each workout helps to build foundational skills that will improve your overall strength while providing a better understanding of movement that translates into all areas of life. These quick, intense workouts save time in your busy day all while helping you burn fat and build muscle.

I can't wait to get started with you! 

Kellie Davis

Founder Fit Thrive, Co-Founder Get Glutes, Co-Author Strong Curves

Freelance Fitness Writer, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Kellie Hart Davis, Strong Curves co-author and founder of Fit Thrive
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Each workout provides exercise video tutorials plus a trackable routine to record sets and reps. Once you complete an entire workout, log it for the day and track your progress through the charting system.
Meet author and leading women's coach Kellie Hart Davis
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check out what others have to say:
 I purchased Bodyweight and Bands to have in my back pocket for traveling or when I want to do something without having to go to a gym. I like that I can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. The videos are easy to follow and as usual, are of great quality.
 I am surprised by how much I love the program. I already love GetGlutes so I bought it for travel but the workouts are so interesting, I could not help but start doing them.

When I'm feeling beat up or injured, it's wonderful to have another option at the ready. It's kind of novel and fun to follow along on the app live to learn new exercises. Until I try something, I have no idea how challenging and effective it will actually be. Right from the very first workout, it's been stunning how much more there is to learn and how very challenging one can make a simple bodyweight move.

 I love the program. After many years of heavy lifting, it is exactly what my body needs right now. The workouts are great and very balanced hitting every major muscle group. Many of the exercises are deceptively challenging and really work the smaller stabilizing muscles - hello reverse side planks and pulsing bird dog, OMG!
 I am in month two and totally love it so far! I hurt my back and after trying to continue to lift heavy through the pain and trying physical therapy with no change this came at the perfect time

My back is 100% better now and I feel like I am working on making my foundation stronger. I am excited to get back to heavy lifting, but I am taking my time with the band workout and making sure to utilize it properly. It's a great addition to have when you just need a break from the heavy, injured or not!

Fit Thrive Money Back Guarantee!
If you don't love our program after 30 days, we guarantee your money back. We want you to be a raving fan of our programs, so if after 30 days you feel the program isn't right for you then we will gladly refund you 100%. In return we ask that you give the workouts a fair shot. That means you show up every day ready to work, push through every workout, and give it your all.